Our Residents

The Milwaukee Region offers a continual celebration of ethnic diversity – through festivals, foods and folk fairs. Approximately 38 percent of the region’s residents have some German ancestry, but many other ethnic groups are well represented, including: African (16% of residents), Polish (13%), Irish (10%), Scandinavian (7%), English (5%) and French, Italian and Hispanic (each at 4%).

Among the major ethnic festivals are Festa Italiana, German Fest, Irish Fest, Mexican Fiesta, African World Festival, Polish Fest, Indian Summer and Bastille Days. Each of the three-day events attract tens of thousands of revelers who come to celebrate the unique music, foods and cultures of the people who call the Milwaukee Region home.

Population by Municipality
TOP 10 MUNICIPALITIES Population (2013)
Milwaukee 599,164
Kenosha 99,889
Racine 78,199
Waukesha 71,016
West Allis 60,697
Wauwatosa 47,134
New Berlin 39,834
Brookfield 37,999
Greenfield 37,159
Franklin 36,310


Population in the Region by Age (2013)
under 25 677,787
25-34 274,957
35-64 807,567
65+ 275,091
White 1,618,049
Black/African-American 303,702
Asian 57,651
American Indian 13,568
Native Hawaiian 1,032
Two or more races 41,400
Hispanic/Latino (may be of any race) 213,980
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