Wisconsin in top 10 of Chief Executive magazine’s best states for business

Published Monday, May 8, 2017
by BizTimes

Wisconsin ranks as the 10th best state for business in the annual rankings by Chief Executive magazine.

The rankings are based on the results of a survey of hundreds of CEOs.

The top 10 states for business, according to the survey are:

1. Texas
2. Florida
3. North Carolina
4. South Carolina
5. Indiana
6. Nevada
7. Tennessee
8. Georgia
9. Arizona
10. Wisconsin

Wisconsin has climbed the list to No. 10 this year from No. 41 in 2010, to No. 24 in 2011, to No. 20 in 2012, to No. 17 in 2013, to No. 14 in 2014, to No. 12 in 2015, and to No. 11 last year.

Gov. Scott Walker touted the survey results.

“We have worked hard to get Wisconsin out of the worst states for business and into the top 10 best states in the country,” he said in a news release. “We did it by cutting taxes, putting the power back in the hands of Wisconsin workers, and enacting common sense conservative reforms. At a time when Wisconsin is joining the best states for business, we cannot afford to go backward by increasing taxes on Wisconsin families. We want Wisconsin to stay inside the top 10 best states for business.”

Illinois (48), New York (49) and California (50) were ranked as the worst states for business by the CEOs surveyed.

Other Midwest states in the rankings: Ohio (11), Iowa (14), Michigan (36), Minnesota (38).



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